Kimberly Francano, Tapping Expert and Coach Trainer

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Achieving Greatness Coaching

Kimberly is masterful at supporting clients to consciously dig deep and address the core issues that are literally blocking them from achieving the life they came here to live.

You will know if this is the right program for you, if you are ready to move beyond the limits – the set points – that keep you from reaching a certain level of success and then “life happens”.

And it feels like: “If I could just figure this one part out or just get to the bottom of how or why I keep myself at this level—or keep coming back to this same level, I will be good.”

If this sounds like you, I invite you to start your journey to the next level by registering for a 30-minute Discovery Session, so I can answer your questions and give my best recommendation for you to achieve your greatness.

Emotional Freedom Technique Training

Learn how to use Tapping (EFT) to address the emotional barriers to freedom, wealth, and happiness. This is a powerful and effective mind-body technique that has been bringing freedom and personal power to people all over the globe. Sign up for a discovery session or send an email to learn how this amazing tool can support you on your journey to being your best you.


“Just a brief note to tell you how much you helped me with your coaching in the past. It was life-changing and I felt that today, you needed to know that you made a big difference in my life and in those of others. I will connect again with you soon. I am working on a project that I am excited about.

Take care and keep up the great work.”

Shirley Carriere, Canada

“Hi Kimberly,

I'm writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. You have been such a gift to me in holding my heart, over the past two months in particular. I was able to be vulnerable and let the energy that I had been holding back flow. It was not easy or comfortable, but I was supported by you, as you held a safe distance and just let me "be".

I want to thank you in particular, as you not only supported me along the way, you also held such a powerful, solid space for me after my healing session. You were so soft and strong at the same time. It was one of the greatest gifts of my life to be witnessed by another soul in my complete vulnerability and "brokenness" without feeling judged or "made wrong." I will always look back on this journey as a life-altering and pivotal moment. YOU are such a gift and I am blessed to know you!

So much love to you.”

Jennifer M.

“Yes, Kimberly, I am seconding this feedback. I am a psychotherapist with double training, and I am really impressed with your style and connection to the people on the line. It's not easy to do what you're doing, and I really felt embraced, and taken into account. You heard me...I am grateful. Thank you. I will be there on the next one – a little more calm and relaxed.”

Anne, Australia

“Kimberly, I have a notice that I want to share with you. I so enjoy your access calls and listening to how you coach people with some difficult issues. I'm impressed with your completeness, patience, kind determination, care, and respect. Thanks for the model and inspiration.” 

Linda, Phoenix

“Kimberly is a no-nonsense coach of the highest order. She embodies the perfect balance between saying it like it is and offering compassion towards your current situation. She is clear and concise in her approach and delivers her message through multiple modalities. She is well grounded in the practical while having a strong sense of her own spiritual journey, and where we are all headed if we so choose. Her methods, combined with her enticing personality, allowed me to share to the fullest, leaving nothing back. One of her greatest challenges was to get me to let go of a man that I loved who was not available nor was able to give me what I deserved. She patiently waited while I took weeks and weeks, but I have finally let him go. Bravo to Kimberly and bravo to me for finding her.” 

Gina Diamond, Washington State

“I want to thank Kimberly Francano for an amazing one-one-one session on Monday. You took me deeper than I had ever managed to go with my inner child’s "poor me", and it has totally healed an important part of me. A part of me would not have gone there, because I feared I would judge myself. I am so grateful to be in this program with all you amazing people. I feel so privileged.”

Dr. Silje Tuxen Thingvol, Norway

“Kimberly, I am quite certain the work we did was very instrumental in exposing me to the LIGHT that much further! The universe works in mysterious ways. And I will always remember you, and by the way, can I mention you in my book? Honestly, I thought you were AWESOME!!! I think you are very cool!!”

Brian B. Boston, Mass.