Kimberly Francano, Tapping Expert and Coach Trainer

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About Me, Kimberly Francano

As founder of Achieving Greatness Coaching, I expertly serve a worldwide community of Conscious motivated professionals who know that they have a greater calling in life to be, do, and have more; they just need some support with how.

That was me. My whole life I had searched for the pathway to feeling like I was in the right place doing the right work with the right people. Through personal experience, training, and working with thousands of people, I have discovered effective techniques that deliver high-impact transformation that clears inner blocks to wealth and success. This process shines a light on the path to a life bursting with purpose and rewards. I want to share it with you!

The Following Qualifications Help My Coaching Rock:

  • Certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach 
  • Coach Trainer and Manager of Coaching for Margaret Lynch
  • Conscious Uncoupling Coach in Training
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – Tapping) Advanced Practitioner
  • Professional Ordained Interfaith and Non-Denominational Minister


Why am I so passionate about the work I do?

It is so fulfilling and feels so amazing to guide people through the transformational processes I use, because they ultimately connect people to their freedom and sense of safety. The inner work that we do together is so deep to witness, and it’s inspiring to watch miracles unfold before my eyes.

This is my life’s work, the culmination of many years of study and experience that give me the courage, strength, and grace to be trusted to hold the space for people as I guide them on their journey to peace. This work takes a lot of courage, not just for me, but for those who sign up for it. And I feel like I get to support current-day superheroes, as we uplift each other and the planet.

As a lifelong student of personal development and working as an Ordained Interfaith or Non-Denominational Minister for over 10 years, my specialty in coaching couples to uncover their relationship dynamics blended fabulously with my coaching practice transforms. My master certification in Hypnosis in 2010 contributed another level of dimension to my coaching techniques.

In 2011, I found Margaret Lynch and was entranced by the effectiveness in Margaret’s style of coaching and tapping and I couldn’t get enough. I immersed myself in Margaret’s unique approach to transformation and not only experienced massive transformation for myself, I saw the effect this transformational work was having on my clients. In 2013, my loyalty and dedication to this amazing work landed me the most amazing job in the world, being the Manager of Coaching Excellence and Tapping Into Wealth Coach Trainer for Margaret Lynch’s successful organization. I am a Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach, which affords me the opportunity to offer classes and talk to local organizations.

Where Are The People I Work With?

Since 99% of my work is done by phone or skype, I work with people all over the world. I currently work with clients in Norway, the UK, Spain, Canada, Egypt, and of course, the USA.

What is Unique About My Style of Coaching?

My style of coaching is unique because I use a blend of transformational tools, combined with my life’s experiences and practical real-world coach training to support you. Because I have worked with hundreds of people, I have mastered the art of directing the sessions in a way that meets you where you are and invites in the shift you are desiring.

I invite you to start your journey toward a positive transformation by registering for a 30-minute discovery session. I will answer your questions and give my best recommendation for you.